Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I broke my PG GP01 kinda fb kinda not.

I rigged up the LED to light from a usb port.

I thought that it might burn out because I didn't have a resistor in it like Gundamaniac said back in 2006..because I'm an idiot and I know better than people who have actually done this.

Anyways, It was plugged into my computer and it just turned off. Eff.

Now I have to pull everything off the head and replace that...and go buy a 3v resistor.

Anyway, this is what it looks like. I decided to keep almost everything from the GP01 Ground unit, except the core lander because I love those amazing cones.

Also, it's not finished. I did everything but Topcoat it. Because I'm awesome. And I'll wait till I fix the led before I do that.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Models You Say?

So let me start by saying that I didn't really enjoy the photoshoot for this post. The models and I didn't get along too well, which you may notice from the lack of poses.

So we'll start with Exia, a fine model but for some reason I just didn't enjoy shooting it. The legs on mine are kinda wobbly, and the cape is too floppy, and Im afraid that my touching it will smear the weathering. Not a pretty sight.

So here's my MG Exia Repair. It's been done for a while but has never been properly shot. I guess because I already knew that I wouldn't like shooting it. I don't have much, good or bad, to say about this model so I hope yall will enjoy a photo dump! Also.... articulation is pretty good. The decals are from Samueldecals, weathering was done with charcoal and a paintbrush.

That's what the shoulder decal looks like :)

The eye! My favorite part of this model.

So I think that I've learned something about blogs. See, people who read blogs like pictures. Nobody wants to read a blog that is just a massive block of text. Inversely, I think people appreciate some text with their pictures. Now, I also realized something that I don't like about Exia. Look at the above picture on the left. I really don't like the proportions. I can't hope to describe it beyond that.

About here is where I decided that I didnt want to touch Exia anymore.


Oops. You weren't supposed to see that.

I'll be in my trailer if you need me...
See ya later, buddy.

This is the second MG that I ever made. The Rx-79G Ez-8. This is the earliest model that I have, both in production and in where it lies on the UC timeline.

As you might expect with this model, articulation is laughable compared to what we expect today.

Photo dump!

P.s. There's not many poses here.

You can't tell it here, but he can barely hold his gun. This model is from before Bandai implemented those wonderful hand-pegs.


Articulation issues aside, I really like the way this model looks just standing there.


So I'm going to show you what I mean by this model having lousy articulation.


That is the full range of motion of the ankle joint.

From the side

As you may have guessed, the front and back of the foot do not move independently.


Front/back motion of the shoulders.


Left/right motion of the head. Limited due to chinstrap.


Not much to say about that...

Family Photos!

What I love about the UC timeline is the evolution of the mecha designs. As you look at the gundams and other mechs, you notice design elements that pass from one generation to the next. What I mean by that is like... the Zeta's shoulders moving on to influence the shoulders of the Rgz and the Jegan. Or the You know, things like that. Look into it for yourself if you have the time and willingness.

Here's all the UC MG Gundams that I have, from earliest rollout to latest.

As you may have noticed, my RX-78 GP02 isn't finished yet but I'll get around to it.... eventually.